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Skyline User's Forum _ General MSTS Discussion _ Terrain Error Threshold Setting Recommendation

Posted by: xxmikexx Aug 23 2012, 12:04 PM

I wasn't sure whether to post what follows in Templates or MSTS. A tossed coin said to do it here ...


The dgionet template for the default Marias Pass route provides three updated eng/wag train physics files. By itself this is a Good Thing, and I installed them. However, some time later, after setting my Terrain Error Threshold slider all the way to the right I began experiencing a "broken coupler" activity termination at a particular geographic point immediately north of Kalispell Yard Siding 1 -- the same point every time, even with the locos detached and creeping along.

A little internet research suggested that the termination might be the result of the train physics improvement files. This proved to be the case, the issue being that transition from one scenery tile to another can cause a jolt to equipment moving across the tile boundary. Given the right train physics, this jolt may result in a broken coupler, which is exactly what was happening to me -- the helper engine in the middle of my three-engine loco consist visibly slammed forward and then back at the time of the termination event, breaking one of the couplers involved. (Switching back and forth between the old and new physics files proved the case.)

What worked for me was to move the Terrain Error Threshold slider to the left to the default MSTS position, about 75% of the way to the right. This did not quite eliminate the bump -- I could still see the jolt happening -- but it did make the bump/jolt small enough to prevent a coupler failure. If it happens again in spite of the less agressive slider setting I will put the slider further even further to the left since the visual benefit of tight terrain mesh size is low on my list of priorities.

Mike McCarthy

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