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Here are the latest patches and updates for our MSTS Utilities.

Note: These will not work unless you already have the associated program (SwitchList Generator, Activity Generator, or Activity Master) installed on your hard drive.

You will also need the password you received when you originally downloaded/installed the software.  If you don't remember your password, please e-mail your PayPal receipt to Update Password Needed and your unzip password for the appropriate program will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours.  If you no longer have your receipt, send the original e-mail address you used when purchasing the software, and we can usually look it up.

To upgrade any version of Activity Master or Activity Generator to the latest version:

To install maintenance updates:

The latest version of ActivityMaster is 1.6.2.  Get the free update here.  This version is much more tolerant of faults and errors in the underlying .wag and .eng files that the program reads, and handles a larger matrix of replacement rolling stock.

The latest version of ActivityGenerator is 4.2.12.  Get the free update here.  

Activity Generator has replaced SwitchList Generator.  This is a major version update.  If you haven't yet upgraded, please click here for links and instructions on updating SwitchList Generator to Activity Generator.  Also included with the update is SwitchList Generator Classic, so you can still enjoy the SwitchList Generator program you are familiar with.

To use either of these programs with the new Shape View interface, you'll need to download and install Paul Gausden's freeware Shape View program also, available here The link to the Shape View program is provided with the kind permission of Mr. Gausden.

AG4 Beta.  Not yet supported, download at your own risk.