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Why oh why does the Microsoft train editor crash so much??????

I'm trying to edit an activity using the activity editor and I can NEVER finishes because the program crashes!  Is there and update to this program that I haven't heard about?

Please advice.



Do you mean the MSTS Activity Editor?  I haven't seen it crash ever.  BUT are you running MSTS Bin?  If so then you need to change your "color quality" (on display properties/settings in windows) to Medium (16 bit). 

Otherwise if that's not the probem, can you tell me what action you perform (adding a car, creating a service, etc.) that causes it to crash?

Have you watched my video tutorials on creating templates?  Even if you're not creating a template but just want to learn the MSTS Activity Editor these can be helpful.

I'm assuming you do have the official Microsoft v 1.2 patch which is the only update that's out there besides the unofficial patch, "MSTS Bin".




No update that I know of.  But there is a nice program called AEFIXER1.ZIP which helps to reset AE when it goes whacko.  But it doesn't stop the AE crashes.  Usually the AE crashes are self inflicted, i.e. I do something that the software doesn't allow, like trying to go back a step when I select the wrong thing or trying too many things at one time when AE hasn't finished updating.  There is no recovery.

I suggest that you get in the habit of saving your work every two minutes like the rest of us.  At least if you do that, and sometimes with the help of AEFIXER1.ZIP, you won't lose too much.


AEFIXER is no longer availale at Terain-sim.Anyone that wants it can get it at under MSTS Utilities. I have made a new program called mstsfix that is a part of that package.


No it is not to be passed around.What caused the problems with my utilities on train-sim in the first place.If a person wants to host the zip on a website it is prudent to ask me for permission.



The URL in your post goes to dog grooming, with no apparent link to anything MSTS.  I have been to the hawkdog web site, but can't remember the URL.



My bad, here is the right one.Old eyes I guess.

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