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What IS Activity Master?

An Activity Master Demo Video is now available!  See for yourself how the program works, click here to view the streaming video.  (Requires Windows Media Player version 9 or above.)

ActivityMaster is a new utility for Microsoft Train Simulator, that gives users more control over all their MSTS Activities, including the Weather, Season, Start Time, and most importantly, all rolling stock (cars and engines) used in the activity.  It sells for $14 US.


Activity BEFORE Processing with Activity Master: Activity AFTER Processing with Activity Master:

(Click Image for Larger Picture)

Read a thread on the 3D Trains Forum discussing Activity Master here (the Activity Master discussion is towards the end of this thread).

Go to the home page to order!

Screen Samples:


Download the full User's Manual (as a PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat reader), for free, here.