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Zipping activities for distribution using WinZip.

Unpackaging activities for MSTS/getting TSUnpack to work.

Activity Pack for North Coast Route 2.0 (Northwestern Pacific)

A pack of four freeware activities, created using SwitchList Generator -- but you don't need SwitchList Generator to run them.  Click here to download the zip file.

Installation instructions:

Hamilton-Norfolk Route Version 1.1 Update/Patch

This is a great freeware route created by David Phillips, available for free download on www.train-sim.com .  You should download and install that route first, then install this free Update/Patch.  The update was created in discussion with David.  Version 1.1 is an "activity developer's enhancement".  It adds names to most of the sidings & spurs on the route, and makes the "siding markers" longer so you can get "credit" in MSTS for making setouts on those spurs.  Activities written for Version 1 will still work with this new version.  Instructions for installing are included in the update, read "File_ID.diz" in the zip file for the instructions.  Get the update file here.

Ohio Rail Passenger Car  (ohiopcar)

I've released a number of activities for Rich Garber's Ohio River and Western (Build 10) that call for this car.  If you need it, download the file here.

Dash9 CSX

Some of my activities call for this locomotive.  Download here.

Front Coupler hints and help. 

Whether you're running activities you generated yourself using SwitchList Generator, or other activities you've created or downloaded, using the Front Coupler can prove frustrating.  Here are some hints to help make it work for you.

If you're running Rich Garber's Canton, or Canton-Suddenly routes, click here to get a special physics and front-coupler fix for the engines and rolling stock used on this route.  (This fix is copyright Rich Garber, the hyperlink is a link to Rich's site).