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Below are some links to web sites that support Microsoft Train Simulator. 

Many of these are friends or partners of Skyline Computing.  All are recommended for expanding your knowledge and enjoyment of Microsoft Train Simulator.



canton Rich Garber's site, http://www.allaboardrails.com/  has a wealth of content available, including the beautiful payware Canton-Suddenly route, now with the Thompson and Grove City extensions, which add mainline running and signaling to the route.
Hawk's "Hawk and Badger RR" MSTS support site has been kept current through the years, even with the new sims coming on the market.
Andre Ming's V-Scale Creations site has two great routes set in northwestern Arkansas, with custom rolling stock and realistic physics.  Other developments are in the works on Andre's site too, be sure to check back often!
Marc Nelson's www.3dtrains.com is a great site with freeware and payware rolling stock downloads, upgrades and add-ons to routes such as the recent Cajon Pass Scenery Enhancement, and a forum for many serious developers. 
Maple Leaf Tracks has created an extensive library of payware routes and add-on rolling stock.  SwitchList Generator templates are available for most of these routes.
The Mophouse.  Great source for Missouri Pacific ("MOP") and other fallen flag info, rolling stock, downloads, and routes.   Membership is required but it's free.
MSTS Bin.  Available at UK Train-Sim, get it here.  This is an unofficial patch/update to Microsoft Train Simulator which improves frame rates and allows users to switch from one locomotive in a consist to another -- ideal for realistic "out and back" "turn" runs where you run around your consist and head back the other direction.
click here to learn more about our new train simulator add-onclick here to learn more about our new train simulator add-on www.3dtrainstuff.com has both many routes and add-on rolling stock packages, featuring locations in the US, and Great Britain.
http://www.streamlines.ca/ has both routes and rolling stock packs.  Highly detailed.
http://steam4me.railpage.org.au/trainsim/ is an Australian MSTS site with lots of routes, excellent tutorials, freeware and shareware utilities, and advice related to MSTS -- both in Australia, and internationally.
http://www.uktrainsim.com/ Add-ons and support for MSTS.


Paul Gausden's ShapeViewer utility.  Get it here.  This freeware utility allows you to view any MSTS shape using a 3 dimensional viewer.  If you have this freeware utility installed, thanks' to Paul's kind permission, you can click on rolling stock or engines listed in the various ActivityMaster screens to see what they look like, and be sure you're making sensible substitutions.  A GREAT add-on that enhances ActivityMaster (and a SwitchList Generator interface is also coming soon).

Tony Formoso's TrainStore is a great freeware utility that helps MSTS to load more quickly by "storing" unneeded routes and their associated consists, activities and rolling stock.  It is also helpful in conjunction with ActivityMaster for "paring down" your choices of rolling stock when getting ready to replace the engines and railcars referenced in an activity.  TrainStore can be downloaded from the File Library at www.train-sim.com

Mike Simpson's RouteRiter is another essential freeware utility for anyone installing downloaded routes, or creating routes of their own.  This utility does so many things it's tough to mention them all, but of paramount interest to downloaders of freeware routes is the "Route Confirmation" that will examine each newly downloaded route for any missing files, and even recommend and find substitutes for those files, to eliminate the dreaded "Send/Don't Send" message when the route is loaded to run.  A must-have in my opinion.

www.train-sim.com.  This site has the most MSTS content of any site out there.  So why did I list it last?  Because it's so widely used, chances are you are already aware of this one!